A fresh start-up

Dear Friends,

It used to be very valuable to have information & experience on specific topics. Lately, with all the Internet and social media we digest every day, the cost of information is as expensive as what you pay for your Wi-Fi.

On the other hand, it is getting way much important to analyze all that billions of terabytes of information that is out there on the Internet.

What we think is that freelance entrepreneurship is going to grow a lot. And we want to be a part of this journey that we wouldn’t miss.

LocPlus is founded as a fresh start up for two brothers who merged their individual expertise and vision to collaborate together into something better.

We share the vision to generate customer value by offering the best consultancy services and premium quality work with great deadline precision.

So, you will be hearing more from us soon. Please keep in touch & stay tuned with us.

Thank you very much in advance.

LocPlus Solutions Team